Products Liability



Products liability refers to a personal injury claim for injuries caused by defective and unsafe products. Product liability claims against businesses that manufacture or sell dangerous products that injure consumers can involve a broad range of products:

  1. Medicines, Drugs and Medical Devices—prescription and non-prescription drugs that cause severe side effects, such as strokes or heart attacks, or defective medical devices;
  2. Food—foods contaminated with coli or adulterated food products;
  3. Machinery and Tools—dangerous equipment that lacks safety devices;
  4. Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Accessories—car or trucks that easily rollover, tires that separate, or seat belts with defective latches;
  5. Toxic Chemicals and Substances—lead paint, asbestos products, or environmental pollution by toxic contaminants;
  6. Toys and Recreational Equipment—toys that pose a choking hazard.


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