Motor Vehicle Wrecks and Insurance Companies

Insurance carriers are business people who maximize profits by paying as little as possible for a claim of negligence and damages against their insured or the person who caused you harm. Routinely, insurance adjusters will offer far less money than a claim is worth, approximately one-half of the medical bills in some cases, to an injured person without even discussing the facts, injuries, or offer with their insured, the person who caused the harm. The insured has paid premiums to the insurance company to protect him or herself from a lawsuit in the event that he or she harms someone else by acting negligently. An insured who negligently causes damage to someone else may not have any idea that a lawsuit is about to occur, although the insurance adjuster does, until a sheriff arrives at that person’s home or workplace to serve the lawsuit. Unfortunately, this is the way that most insurance companies routinely treat their “clients” or insured’s.